Hello plumbers and plumbing enthusiasts!

We’re a Trafford based company selling Magnetic Boiler Filters and we’re extremely happy to be able to announce our partnership with the British Heart Foundation! From the very second you read this, everyone at Boiler-M8 HQ will be working to help raise money for their cause. In case you haven’t heard of them before, the British Heart Foundation are the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. They’re going head to head with cardiovascular disease which ruthlessly tears families apart every 6 minutes. Each day their best scientists are working for days on end in search for a world free from suffering and premature deaths caused by cardiovascular disease but even the best scientists in the world need funding.

Now to really get a sense of how important they are, just imagine a world without the British Heart Foundation. There was no treatment for heart attack patients and only 20% of children born with a heart defect survived past their first birthday. It’s a hard image to swallow but thanks to the incredible research and help of the British Heart Foundation that world ended in 1961.

Each year around £100 million of vital lifesaving research is funded for by the British Heart Foundation but more is still needed. This is where companies like us and people like you play a huge role in the success of this battle. The British Heart Foundation largely relies on donations to help fund their research and whilst they get a huge amount of extremely generous there is still more that can be done.

What can you do to help?

Some people may think there is no point in donating since they can’t give much but the truth is EVERYTHING is highly appreciated and extremely important, especially to those receiving care and support from the British Heart Foundation. Whether your contribution comes in the form of a 50p coin, a sponsored run or by actually working in the labs, every single thing, no matter how big or small counts. Each penny is a step closer to turning cardiovascular disease into a thing of the past. Who knows, your donation may pay for the gloves (they’re more important than you may think!) worn by the scientists that finally beats cardiovascular disease once and for all. Go to www.bhf.org.uk/get-invloved and have a look what you can do to help! You can do it alone, with your family or even all of your colleagues!

So you’ve seen us tell you what you can do but what are we doing to help you ask?

To kick-start our partnership (It’s too hard to even begin to explain how thrilled we are about being able to say this) we’re giving £1 for every single filter sold online from today, another £1 per filter we collect through our scrappage scheme and on Tuesday 6th October we will be donating a further £1 for every retweet we get on our Twitter! So keep an eye out for us and get those retweet fingers ready! Awareness is the key to this fight which is why we’re asking for retweets. Spreading their name, logo and vision gets more people on board and in turn means more people will be donating. That doesn’t mean you should just share something and then move on, donations are extremely important but new donors are needed if we’re going to beat cardiovascular disease.

Now, more about us…

We’re a company offering only the best solutions to magnetic system filtration. Our technical experts have worked away to create a masterpiece of form and function for YOU! The result of all this? Well, we have the Boiler-M8 Defender and Boiler-M8 Ultimate filter, both are equally as good with the same strength magnet in both but one is Polymer and the other is Brass. Both filters have the ability to sift out any debris that’s floating around your system.
The point of our filters is to stop this debris clogging up your precious boilers so before the dirty system water hits your boiler it goes through our high strength magnetic filter and this should capture any particles that would cause damage to your boiler. You don’t think about it but our radiator systems and pipes connecting everything together are made up of all types of metals and over the years the water flushing through the systems has a reaction to the radiators and pipes. This creates sediment building up and sometimes systems are so bad need a power flush to get everything working as efficiently as possible.
There is no difference between the polymer or brass filters and both come with above industry standard warranties. The polymer filter comes with 5 years and the brass filter has an amazing 25 year warranty! Both filters come with high capacity EZY-Clean magnet and watertight twin-seal design so you know you’re getting the best possible quality regardless of which you choose! Oh and let’s not forget both can come with either 22mm or 28mm valves so whatever you need Boiler-M8 is the way to go!

Have a lovely day from us all at Boiler M8 HQ!